Casual Denim Look

In daily basis, I like simple styling - but sometimes simplicity can be a little boring. That's why I add extra layers and extra accessories to my casual outfit this time to make it more delightful! Instead of using a single top, I wear another layer of denim shirt, unbuttoned for a boyfriend-kinda-look (all you need is a bigger size of shirt). With matching scarf and pants, I'm ready to conquer the day! And it's not really a girly casual looking without high-heeled shoes, so I get my favorite black pair of shoes to make everything completed. What I like most about wearing oversized shirt over a top is the less-serious impression it has, so it makes people looked younger (back to those old college days... oh well!). Try it on sometimes!


What I Wear

Top : Mango / Scarf : McQueen / Bag : Chanel / Shoes : Valentino / Jeans : 3x1