Bigger is Better - Iphone 6+

This time I'll make a review about iPhone 6+.

Before I decided to buy this newest release of iPhone, I had a thought about the size: should I get the handy iPhone 6, or should I prefer iPhone 6+ with a bigger screen?

It didn't take so long for me to finally purchase the iPhone 6+. Besides, we girls carry our phone inside of the bag instead of in the pocket, don't we?

Moreover, bigger screen definitely means better details and resolutions. That's why browsing around instagram, photos and fashion articles feels even more fun. The 5.5 inch 1080p IPS LCD is not only huge but also bright and high in contrast. Furthermore, the 8 Megapixel camera has optical image stability feature which improves low-low light photography.

With such a large size comes a larger battery too. Thus, battery life last longer than the usual usage. Iphone 6+ could handle 12-hours non stop usage so well, even when some heavy-duty applications are running.

With only 172 grams in weight, this gadget feels a lot lighter. And also with its 7.1 mm thickness, the Iphone 6+ appears confidently stylish when in use.