Bromo {Part One}

IMG_0662 ed.jpg

Bromo Mountain is located in the East Java, Indonesia. This is my very fist visit to Bromo Mountain that I've been looking for long ago. Just like what I have heard, Bromo Mountain has such a mesmerizing view. No question why it has become one of the most fav destinations for travellers. Not only that it is beautiful, but it is also unique because the mountain stands in the middle of a dessert. It gives contrast and dry impression at the same time.

The most epic & hunted moment was the sunrise at "Penanjakan", which is a famous viewpoint in the area. It was cold in the morning when viewing the sunrise. I put on two layers of clothes plus a jacket with a pair of comfy sneakers (since we got a long way to get to this spot), and was wearing some colorful and nature-kinda-outfit during my visit to Bromo Mountain.

I also went to "Pasir Berbisik" and "Padang Savana". The whole experiece visiting Bromo Mountain had been fun and relaxing. I'll come back for more, one day..