Hi there! I was so excited to share you this outfit styled by Paradise Batik... A local brand with great quality clothing. I always have a passion for Batik pattern and I think there's no better way to be proud of Batik other than wearing it. As for now I helped a friend for a formal event, and I dressed up completely in Paradise Batik outfit! For the scarf, I didn't want to go too much or too glamorous, so I styled a plain scarf in textured way to make it more appealing and matched the outfit perfectly. I really love the result!

So tell me... How do you like wearing Batik? Do you often wear it for casual occasions or do you wear it for formal business only? I will be happy to hear from you :)



Dress : Paradise Batik (All)

The Lady in White

Time for classic dressing-up with my favorite brands now! I love wearing black & white because it gives me such a classic feeling without having to style myself like a grandma. Black and White items are also very easy to match with anything - this time I decided to go a little bit masculine by wearing wide flare pants paired with Tuxedo-inspired top. Instead of using long scarf, this time I use a white turban to cover my head and to give more "manly" impressions.

This outfit can be perfect for either semi formal and formal occassions. For example, a family gathering outside or anything office and work related meetings! It won't be a bad idea too for a fashionable event :) What do you think? It's pretty classy right? I think I just love black & white even more now.



Top : ZARA (Vest Palazzo) / Sunglasses : FENDI / Bag : Chanel / Belt : Chanel


Walking around the city at night sometimes feel refreshing. Without the sun every corner of the city looks even more romantic and we don't have to be worried about getting sweaty at all! I like spending time outside after sunset because of this.

As for the outfit itself, I prefer to go calm and sweet with combination of earthy colors : cream, light brown, and beige. It blends naturally with the surrounding! But as always, I try to put a statement from one of the accessories, and this time it's my bag. I pick bright orange color to match the pale outfit, along with same colored bangle with studs.

The night is passing by, but the memory stays... Can't wait to start another night walk again.



Top :  ZARA / Bottom : French Connection  / Shoes : Guess / Bag : Hermes/ Sunglasses : Marc Jacobs


Who said Sailor style is too childish for older woman? I would say, it depends on how you wear it. I really really love wearing combination of basic colors and this cute hat is just perfect for making my outfit looks nautical - like a sailor girl!

It was also such a fun day at the city yesterday... I'm happy because I can spent the day with my family and best friends together. There's a never ending gratitude everytime I remember how lucky I am for having them all :)

So tell me, how do you style your white and navy blue outfit? Or do you have any sailor mix & match inspirations? I would love to hear from you and visiting your blog in return!



All outfit from JENAHARA

Sporty Station

Time to go a little more sporty than ever this time! Well, I'm not really a sporty type if you can see from the previous outfit pictures I have... But it's fun to try something outside your comfort zone, isn't that what people say? So when my friend asked if I wanted to try taking some casual but stylish outfit picture with traveling theme, I immediately said Yes! And these pictures were taken at the local train station a while ago. Wearing patterned bottom with some bright top to match the sneakers apparently looked pretty cute on me :))

How's your sporty look experience so far? As a feminine girl, sometimes I wasn't so confident about wearing something too sporty... But I think it's challenging and fun this time. I hope your day is fun too! See you at the next post :)


What I wear

Top from Stella Mc Cartney / New Look Bottom / NINE WEST sneakers


Don't you love floral patterns? Today I'm wearing something sweet (again, I'm girly!) but casual, and I'll share the inspirations for you. Flowery clothing can be too much if being combined with another bold pattern, so I would pair it with plain and basic items to make simple sweet impression.

Try to match your floral tops with a neutral bottom, and why not putting on black bags to complete the look? Something sweet and chic, but practical and modern-looking too. Easy way to style everyday!

Didiet Maulana & Manolo Blahnik

Special occasion this time! I don't usually dress up this way of course... But today is a special day and I must go a little more festive than usual. And what can be more bright and interesting color for celebration other than Red? So even though I dress up quite colorfully, the key is to have one main color than will be the center of other colors. I choose red and combine it with orange, from the accessories and the headscarf too. 

I'm a huge fan of Didiet Maulana. He's a well-known Indonesian designer who has such a beautiful creations of women clothing, which I felt perfect for this occasion. Ikat pattern can be modern on his hands - look at the one I wore at this post! And the shoes, of course we don't have to argue, is the perfect pairing for the dress. Wonderful piece of art for a wonderful day. :)



Dress : Didiet Maulana / Shoes : Manolo Blahnik

Orange Punch

If you see my styles previously, you will realize that I like to combine basic color with something bright. For example, black and red. Or creme with bright pink. And this time, white and orange felt appropriate for a day out when the sun wasn't shining too strong. Afternoon walk with myself! I like the fresh feel that my orange pants brought into the basics, and kicking away the paleness. I wore a white outer too because it matched nicely with my brown bag and shoes, but also went well with the orange bottom. More especially, it's so comfortable to be worn! What can be more important than feeling comfortable with yourself, right? :)



Top : Mango / Bottom : ZARA / Outer : ZARA / Scarf : McQueen / Bag : Hermes

Embroidery Black

I never thought that a single vest could make a big difference in my whole appearance. When I decided to go out for a lunch outside this morning, I thought my black to black outfit will be too plain, so I take my new vest that has beautiful embroideries all over its surface and putting it on. Then I turned around to look myself in the mirror and... Tadaa! I look boring no more. It's amazing how a simple piece can make over a whole look, no? If you have an unused vest at home or in your closet, you better give it a try. Who knows how you'll end up looking differently!



Dress : Kookai / Vest : H&M / Legging : ZARA / Shoes : Rococo

Hello There!

Oh, first post finally! I've been always wanted my own blog, rather than just an Instagram account, but I thought I was afraid to start because I don't really know anyone on the blogosphere... But after some talks with my friends I decided to give it a try. And yes, blogging is wonderful! I find people in the community are also very friendly too, and I can't wait to start being friends with you. But first of all let me tell you something about myself... My name is Tina, a married Indonesian women. I run some businesses with my husband, and I love fashion a lot! Not in any addictive ways... But in fun and creative way. Styling, shopping, mix & matching clothes are few from many things related to daily fashion that I'm interested in. Those activities will be written here on my blog... later on!

My style is quite simple... I love casual chic clothes that can go with different accessories for many events. I mix simple jeans with tee and accessories for daily wear, but sometimes I can be very girly and wearing layered materials too. It's all based on the mood! I'm open for new possibilities so I'm looking forward to get to know more bloggers in the community so we can exchange inspirations together. If you want to be linked on the blogroll, let me know and I will visit your blog as a start :) I'll see you soon!